More Steel Wool fun

So I got the steel wool out again to have some fun.  In these I went for showing how big it was instead of framing the whole thing in the picture.  In the first I was walking as I was spinning it.  The second shows how big it is next to a car, and the third, you can see me in the middle.

IMG_9555 IMG_9552 IMG_9546

Space Station

I signed up to get texts when the space station flies over and is visible, so one day I was ready for it…. well sort of.  I got a couple shots with it streaking through the shot.  I was looking at the wrong place, so I didn’t quite get what I wanted, but I think these are passable.


Engagement session

I got a text from someone that wasn’t programmed into my phone asking if I could do some pictures for them.  I really had no idea who it was.  The number may have been programmed in at one point, but I had a couple issue phones so that would have been 2 phones ago.  Anyway, I said I would, we worked out the details and met up at a park to do some pictures.  When I got there to the park, I finally realized who it was.  An old friend from High School.  I’m not sure it was meant to be engagement pictures, but that is pretty much what it ended up as.

IMG_9370 IMG_9366 IMG_9362 IMG_9345 IMG_9325 IMG_9321

Springville Balloon Fest

I got up early to watch the balloons again during Springville’s Art City Days.  Actually went both days.  The first day I went alone, on my bike.  Got some great shots because after they had taken off I rode all over the mountainside to find the perfect shots.

IMG_9066 IMG_9063 IMG_9062 IMG_8972 IMG_8936 IMG_8904 IMG_8895 IMG_8913 IMG_8943 IMG_8949 IMG_8954 IMG_8973 IMG_9018

Wild Turkeys

I had to drive up to the mountains and drop my oldest off for Scout camp, and on the way back down, I came across a couple wild turkeys.  They were probably about 10-15 feet from the car.  Had I stepped out, they probably would have run, so I stayed in my car and pulled out my camera.  Here is what I got:

IMG_8808 IMG_8811 IMG_8812


I’ve seen hens in the wild, but this is the first time I’ve seen a tom.  It was pretty cool since it was so close!