Hobble Creek Canyon

It’s amazing how many deer there are just roaming around the whole canyon when there is a lot of snow.  There were a few times I was within about 20 feet of them, but it was just a little too dark to get the camera up quick enough, and without scaring them.

_MG_4473I was trudging through that same snow, but where I was (the valley floor that is mostly in the shade) was a bit deeper.  When I was finished two hours later my lens was having a hard time focusing, and I could hear that it was struggling in the cold with the focus motors.  When I went to get back in my car, my pant leg hit the bottom of the steering wheel with almost a thud sound.  My pants were frozen solid!  It was fun!

_MG_4481 _MG_4494 _MG_4497 _MG_4499 _MG_4508

This one, while not quite as clear as I would have liked, shows the moon at my favorite phase.  I love how in pictures you can see the whole thing, it’s faint, but you can see it._MG_4523 _MG_4527 _MG_4530 _MG_4532