Smoke and Lights

I came across a fun idea a while back where someone was using smoke to create some pictures.  I thought I’d give it a try with a little flare (and more color). Here’s what came out. I think it came out pretty good.

A couple things I thought were fun in these:

#297 shows how I did it.  An incense stick and then on each side I had lights (though you can’t see the lights)
#360 looks like the pelvis of a skeleton

ISO Noise

Noise is introduced as you make the camera sensor more sensitive. If you look close at the staples in ISO 100 it is nice, crisp, and clear as compared to ISO 6400. if you look at the gray at the top, you can see a lot of noise introduced with each step higher. So, if you are going to make big posters with something, you want to shoot at a low ISO. if you aren’t going to have a very big print, then it is ok to bump the ISO up high so that you can increase the shutter speed or aperture.

ISO Explained

ISO is the sensitivity of the image sensor (think of it as film) to light. The Higher the ISO the higher the sensitivity to light. This makes it so that you can take pictures in darker places. It is best to keep the lowest ISO that you can.